Witterings of Rain (@Rainycat) mainly on my adventures with wearable technology, but also electronic / computational art, hardware hacking, open source, tech events, gaming, cats and occasionally a mention of vegan food.

I devote my time to the invention, design and construction of responsive and emotive wearable technology, electronic interactive artworks, e-textiles and my PhD research. In the pursuit of my PhD, I am investigating the possibility that wearable technology can be used to create new forms of non-verbal communication, particularly in the areas of body language and emotion, using physiological data. I am also examining my own practice in the context of the work of others, in particular how physiological data can be drawn from the body and amplified and broadcast to those around and interacting with the wearer. Previously I have studied Fine Art, Multimedia, and Electronics Engineering, which has led to my work developing as a convergence of art, programming and electronics.

I also organise and lead workshops on wearable technology and e-textiles, incorporating programming and electronics principles using microcontrollers, sensors and actuators in environments such as schools, universities and hackspaces. So far this academic year I’ve helped Computing students develop their projects at an interaction design lab and am also Women in Computing mentor at Goldsmiths College.

If you’re looking for examples of my wearable technology work:

I frequently speak at conferences and events on wearable technology, areas include a sideways look at wearable technology past and present, to presentations on my own work, teaching experiences and research. Links to some of my presentations can be found on http://www.slideshare.net/Rainycat/presentations.

2014 exhibitions, presentations & workshops

  • ‘Sensing Wearable Technology’ at Young Rewired State Festival of Code, Plymouth University, Plymouth, August 2014
  • e-textiles workshop at ‘Make. Hack. Do.’ at the Science Museum, London.
  • ‘Teaching with the LilyPad Arduino’, OSHUG, British Computer Society (BCS) London, 2014
  • ‘Baroesque Barometric Skirt’, Textile Innovation Workshop 1 – From Invention to Consumption: electronic textiles, C4CC, London, May 2014
  • ‘Emotive Wearables – EEG Visualising Pendant’ – Quantified Self Europe Conference, Amsterdam, May 2014
  • ‘Axion’ (EEG controlled dark matter storytelling game, Team³ collaborative work created at CERN)– Tribeca International Interactive Festival, New York, April 2014
  • ‘Axion (e-textiles sensor controlled dark matter storytelling game, Team³ collaborative work created at CERN)’ – CineGlobe Science Film Festival, CERN, Geneva, March 2014

2013 exhibitions, presentations & workshops

  • ‘Visualising Data’, Wearable Futures, Ravensbourne, London
  • ‘Introduction to Wearable Technology’ workshop, Women in Computing Network, Goldsmiths College, London
  • ‘Women Pioneers in Computer Science’ Women in Computing Network, Goldsmiths College, London
  • ‘EEG Visualising Pendant for use in social situations’, ISWC, International Symposium on Wearable Computers, Zurich, Switzerland
  • ‘On Wearable Technology, Makers & Making’, Makers’ Guild, C4CC, London
  • ‘Baroesque Barometric Skirt’ at Smart Textiles Salon, Ghent, Belgium
  • ‘Visualising Physiological Data’ Quantified Self Europe 2013, Amsterdam
  • ‘EEG Visualising Pendant’ Maker Faire UK, Newcastle
  • ‘Introduction to Wearable Technology’, workshop at Bridge Rectifier, Hebden Bridge, W Yorkshire
  • ‘Women in Computer Science’, Open Day, Goldsmiths College, London
  • ‘Visualising EEG signals for Wearable Technology (poster)’ Challenges & Opportunities for Wireless Sensing Systems in Healthcare and Assisted Living, National Physical Laboratory, Teddington
  • ‘Here Comes Wearable Technology’, QCon London 2013 Software Development Conference, QEII Conference Centre, London
  • Tech City International Womens’ Day Showcase, London

2012 exhibitions, presentations & workshops

  • ‘Art-Creativity-Technology & Wellness’, Goldsmiths Thursday Club, C4CC, London
  • YRS / Digital Explorers: Middle East Hackday, London
  • OSHcamp 2012, Hebden Bridge
  • London Threads, C4CC, London
  • Wearable Technology workshop tour, Aberystwyth & Cardigan
  • Technology for Artists, Goldsmiths College, London
  • Open GDNM, The Rag Factory, London
  • International Symposium on Wearable Computers 2012, Newcastle
  • Flossie 2012, London
  • Chi-TEK Exhibition, Watermans Gallery, London
  • LilyPad Arduino workshop, University of Wales, Aberystwyth
  • Nano4design, QMUL, London
  • CultureCode, Live Theatre, Newcastle
  • CultureCode, MIMA, Middlesborough

2011 exhibitions & talks

  • Maker Faire UK, Newcastle
  • Kinetica Art Fair, London
  • OpenTech, London
  • Dorkbot, London
  • Web Weekend: Victoria & Albert Museum, London
  • Brighton Mini Maker Faire
  • Chi-TEK, Victoria & Albert Museum, London
  • Transfer Summit, Keble College, Oxford
  • Quantified Self EU, Amsterdam


  • EEG Data Visualising Pendant for Use In Social Situations. In the adjunct proceedings of the International Symposium on Wearable Computing 2013
  • Twinkle Tartiflette – an Arduino driven interactive word and music artwork. In the adjunct proceedings of the International Symposium on Wearable Computing 2012
  • Temperature Sensing T-shirt (AKA: ‘Yr In Mah Face!’). In the adjunct proceedings of the International Symposium on Wearable Computing 2012
  • Don’t Break My Heart – wearable distance warning system for cyclists. In the adjunct proceedings of the International Symposium on Wearable Computing 2012

Harajuku Japanese street fashion fascinates me, especially Elegant Gothic Lolita and its variations, which has influenced me to create my own variant on this fashion “Neon-Victoriana” which includes the use of electroluminescent materials and electronic modules.

Previously I worked the BBC, where I was Senior Producer at BBC Learning, and also Technologist at BBC R&D, involved in producing groundbreaking interactive websites, games, activities, campaigns, initiatives and pilots.

Organising events is another fun pastime of mine and I oversaw a few during my time working for BBC Backstage and also at the BBC I ran a Women in Tech network for my colleagues. I’ve also organised one off events such as GameCamp.

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