Monthly Archives: April 2008

Hello world or something suitably ironic

Atomoil made me do this! I don’t want a blog, but for some reason Atomoil thinks I have stuff to write about – so perhaps I should spill the beans on him – votes please 😉

Okay, well so far the only thing that has happened today, apart from some unexpected acupuncture to my head is that I realised that I was a bit doo-lally this am when I tried to use my BBC pass to leave the tube – after a while a guard came up and politely pointed out my error. Am I usually this stoopid? Yes. Yesterday I tried to cross the road and a cyclist to suprised me with by passing by a hair’s breadth. I am not generally awake in the morning.

Well that’s enough sillyness, I should probably write something observational and informing about Wednesday’s dorkbot , but I’m too busy at work and although I’m managing quite successfully not to engage with the latest *important_thing* it’s only a matter of time before I realise I’ll have to stay at work late to get it done if I want to have a weekend… Pah!

I think secretly I kinda wish I’d kept some notes from the bad old days – imagine if I’d started blogging the first dorkbots or!

So, Atomoil – I’ve written my first ramblings to the world – you’re a bossy git! Not that he keeps up his own blog or anything – what a slack alice!