Thinking Digitally

Really enjoyed Thinking Digital – billed as an ‘event where outstanding individuals gather to take part in an exclusive conversation about technology, ideas and our future’ – it was certainly an excellent way to expand my mind over three days – here’s a few examples of who we heard from…

Ray Kurzweil told us via ‘Teleportec videoconferencing system’ from his office Cambridge, MA about how health & medical issues will evolve to be an information technology and how we’ll be understanding and aiding biological processes with the help of nanotechnology. He feels that in the future we’ll treat biology as a set of software processes and this will lead us to find out how to do such things as reverse engineer the brain.

Talking via link at Thinking Digital

Tara Hunt introduced us to the story of ‘The Starfish and the Spider: the unstoppable power of leaderless organisations’ which lead on to a talk on Citizen Agency which she co-founded. Also, the legend of Barcamp that have now taken off all around the world and take many different flavours from the original camp for geeks Foo Camp.

At Thinking Digital

Greg Dyke was most entertaining, he talked about his time at the BBC and when Ian asked who he thought would replace Ashley Highfield, he revealed that at his BBC book signing he signed Ashley’s copy with ‘ I never knew what the fuck you were talking about anyway…’!

Aubrey de Grey told us all about his thoughts on how if we applied the same attitude to maintaining a vintage car to our bodies we should be able to work out in the next 20 years how to live to 150 years old and then soon after work out how to live to be 1000! His research has caused much controversy, but I found it all extremely interesting.

On a lighter note, we heard several speakers on subjects around happiness, in areas such slowing down and enjoying life to how to be a ugly and a success! All in all a very stimulating three days – met some great people too, plus saw some great sights in Gateshead and Newcastle.

There are already plans for another Thinking Digital next year and I’m looking forward to it already!