Exploding Narrative, ICA, 10th June

I spent an interesting night at the ICA last Tues at b.TWEEN’s ‘Exploding Narrative’ pitch evening. Sponsored by Just-b, Arts Council and HP mscapes, it featured 5 shortlisted finalists who have entered a competition to create a location based game, story or educational journey for PDA incorporating mscapestechnology. I wasn’t sure how many had entered originally, but the 5 finalists had been given £1000 to develop their ideas.

Obviously some entrants had more experience of putting pitches together and some were more nervous and awkward than others. At the end of each 5 minute pitch the panelists and audience were given the opportunity to ask questions and comment, for example about target audience’s, budget or for clarity on how the entry would work.

The ideas behind the pitches were all very different and it was indeed interesting to see/here what people had put together. I think that all of the pitches had at least a couple of elements that could be developed further, though I thought more clarity was needed on how they fitted into the background technology and the overall user experience and journey.

What happens next is that the entrants take note of the questions, comments and suggestions from the panel and audience and fine tune their pitches for the final at the b.TWEEN08 conference in Sheffield on the 18-20th June. The conference is being webcast, so if you want to find out more see their site.

I must add that I had a fab time at the drinks party afterwards catching up with friends who I haven’t seen for yonks and making new friends. It was really good to speak to some of the competition entrants in person and fill in some of the gaps that didn’t get across in a 5 minute pitch. I also had a demo of the mscapes software from Ben Dalton, who had made a mini GPS location tour of the area just outside the ICA.