Mashed08, day one, Ally Pally

I’m at Mashed08 and I’m jolly excited! In fact I haven’t had much sleep as I went to bed super late last night and then woke up at 6.30am. I’m currently drying out, as I walked up the long hill to Ally Pally in the rain with my trolley.

Mashed08 - Tom Scott pondering!

There’s lots to see and do – I’m all of a fluster as I have too much stuff and am trying to say hello to everyone at once – argh – geek overload!!!

I’m currently in a yahoo fire eagle talk – I should be wearing my neat fire eagle – tshirt. I meant to do a write up from when I was at Tom Coates presentation of fire eagle at the Wallacespace – so I’m pleased to see the team here at Mashed08.

Fire eagle allows you to geo tag your location, but to keep your privacy – it’s a great tool and it’s API allows to to build fab stuff. It’s going to launch officially this summer.

Applications for fire eagle include:

* firebot – location for twitter
* zonetag – photo uploader for flickr with geotagger
* playzes (sp) social networking
* Dopplr – for travellers – updates location
* moveable type plug-in
* navizon – geo based wifi

* Ambient orb for fire eagle – yahoo needs to source the orb
* Nabaztag
* Apple SDK
* Google Android
* Pacmanhattan talk – with Ian Forrester

backstage encourages innovation and creativity in web ‘2.0’ with a particular focus on the UK. backstage is a licence similar to creative commons non-commercial attributions. It’s about open culture around the BBC and releasing data that can be made available on the backstage website.

backstage is a community and advocates the mash-up scene and includes, hackers, coders, artists and designers.

backstage is part of the forward thinking part o the BBC – we’re thinking about how we can:
* make things great. backstage connects people
* showcases the best talent
* scaring journalists – with tech/stats
* experimenting with new ideas
* demonstrating real multi-platform
* working to improve mobile development
* encourage the use of alternatives
* capturing shakers
* discussing the topics that matter
* helping to win awards

Just around the corner for backstage:

* new backstage website
* lots of events – opentech, geekcamp, barcampmanchester,
* d.construct08, the future of education conference, singularity, barcampnortheast2, the future of web apps expo 2008, geekdinners manchester

backstage inside the bbc:
* wild west servers – we can do what we like with them, based in Texas
* design pattern library
* experimental stuff: php, python, ruby jython, erlong, smalltalk, XSL2 T2, groovy Testing, XMLDB, Triplestores, Couch DB and more.
* backstage API gateway – more APIs, data and feeds
* podcasts
* best of British on itconversations
* backstage empowered learning, TV
* competitions – backstage logo
* I joined backstage as Ian’s second in command – yay 😀

Trends at backstage:
* small letter d data portability
* universality
* participatory culture
* ubiquity
* participatory panopticon
* self describing content/media
* openness
* transparency
* net and mobile neutrality
* trust
* other economic realities – such as whuffie
* we are changing the BBC



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