GP2X F200 – FTW!

Woohoo, I’m a very lucky bunny – came home from OpenTech with a very nice GP2X F200 open source handheld device!

No, I haven’t been maxing out my moo account again, I was just fortunate to enter a competition that Osmosoft, the sponsors of Opentech were running and be lucky enough to win the second place prize πŸ˜€

What’s cool about the GP2X is that it’s powered by Linux and you can write your own games or import games and emulators that other developers have built. It’s lots of fun and there are a couple of sites devoted to free games that you can pick and choose from – such as

But wait… The GP2X isn’t just cool for playing games, you can run DivX movies on it, look at photos, read ebooks and play your OGGS on it – how cool is that!

I’ve been playing with it today and my favourite game so far is VEKTAR, which is like a cross between Asteroids and Geometry Wars.

Vektar game for GP2X

Anyways, I’m very grateful to Jeremy Ruston, creator of tiddlywiki and the Osmosoft gang for my lovely GP2X, and I’m also hoping to develop a proper working version of the ‘Travelcat-log’ soon with the help of the tiddlywiki development group πŸ˜€



  1. So pleased that you are enjoying your new toy!
    Thanks for your efforts thinking up and starting to work on a cool use of TiddlyWiki. It’s always nice to see that it captures somebody’s imagination.

    Shout in the direction of Osmosoft or one of the TiddlyWiki Google Groups if you need any help getting TravelCat going!


  2. @ Phil W – A think a chap called Basil won the Bug!

    @Phil H – Cheers, will look up the group soon πŸ™‚

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