Have I Got Games News For You, Brighton, 28/07/08

I was visiting Brighton for a meeting and managed to persuade my trusty friend Anders to come along to the Guardian gamesblog pub quiz at the Caroline of Brunswick in Ditchling Road.

Anders had cooked me a fab vegan stir fry and so rolled down the road to the pub, just off The Steine. It was a hot ‘n’ humid night and the pub was rammed with steaming gamers, many who were down for Develop, the gaming conference that was kicking off the next day.

I looked around the friendly bunch for gamer friends, but sadly (& a bit surprisingly) there wasn’t anyone I knew about. As my dear friend Andy wasn’t such an enthusiast of a gaming as me I decided that perhaps a team of one girly wasn’t on the cards, especially as most teams had about 6 members and were looking seriously confident 😉

Anyways, battle commenced and there were some squeals and guffaws from the teams as the Guardian team announced questions. There was even a drawing and um, a plasticine round! My favourite was of course the games choon round – I especially love 8-bit tunes, so was in heaven when some golden oldies came up 🙂

Even though I didn’t have a team, I watched on with glee and even when I got too excited and glowing hot, a friendly barman came to my aid with a mini fan!

Unfortunately, due to the silly early hour that trains stop running up to London from Brighton I had to leave early, but I hear that the winners were very happy with their £75 prize and copy of the Guinness Book of Worlds Records. Next time there’s a gaming quiz I think I’ll just enter even if I’m on my todd – it’s just too much fun to be shy 😀

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