Edinburgh Interactive Festival 08, EICC, Day 3

After all the free Tattinger at last night’s BAFTA party it’s surprising I haven’t got a hangover, but after I discovered the samosas & spring rolls were vegan I stuffed myself with them to make up for the lack of a vegan lunch option.

Eyjólfur Guðmundsson, gave a very compelling talk on ‘Real politics invade virtual worlds – dealing with social and economic issues in EVE online‘.

This was a great talk as Eyjólfur who works as an economist for Eve online gave us an amazing insight into how money and politics work together in the EVE MMOG.

Set in a science fiction space setting of over 5000 solar system, players pilot ships around participating in various activities and professions from fighting to manufacturing.

Economics are a complex business when you’ve got players all around the globe trading Interstellar Kredits across 66 regional markets where pricing and availiabilty of goods differs from region to region. The things that are of value in Eve apart from ISK are minerals, ammunition, ships and ship parts – these are hunted, mined, manufactured and bartered for.

The economy used in Eve is an open economy, meaning that there are no fixed amounts of money or materials in the game’s universe.


Downstairs, I have a play with Guitar Hero for DS, I’m not much better at this than I am with the full size Guitar Hero, but I am liking its super cuteness on the DS and the tiny Marshall amp that it’s plugged into makes me go ‘awww’ – sucker for ickwl things, me 😉 Anyways, the teens who are playing it next to me are much better at it, – as usual!

There’s also the Dare to be Digital showcase for the University of Abertay, Dundee. It’s a games development competition and the teams have 10 weeks to develop a game prototype. There are three winners and each wins £2,500 and a BAFTA nomination for the BAFTA ‘Ones to Watch’ award which will be awarded in March next year.

There’s some interesting and varied stuff from the students, with some rather nicely done graphics – my favourites are Origamee – a 3D pop-up story book themed world incorporating traditional adventure style puzzle solving, incorporating environmental issues and Grav, set in a ‘retro-futuristic’ environment where robots are your enemies and your surroundings are your best friend.