BarcampBrighton3, Sussex University – Day 2

After a week of travelling, conferences, meetings and drinking, I think my *self_preservation_wotsit* kicked in and made me go to bed about 3am, before I could give myself another huge hangover. I left the BarcampBrighton3 party in full swing with tons going on – fantastic gaming, interesting and intense conversation, and big drinking. Many of my friends were not so sensible and there are many casualties holding their heads this am.

After catching up with peeps, I enjoyed some really yummy vegan cottage pie, veg and red wine gravy ☺

I attended ‘30 minutes of the unknown’ – Carl Jeffrey

Carl didn’t know what he was going to talk about today, so that’s why he gave his talk the intriguing title. He attended the last BarcampBrighton and decided to amalgamate and share his thoughts and perceptions of events such as Barcamp and open up the discussion to everyone in the room.

His background is as a designer – he describes himself as as ‘creative midwife’. He does a lot of work with academic institutions and sustainability in the environment on areas such as brand strategy. He’s brought a collection of books from his studio for people to peruse.

He’s interested in creativity and perception – how we approach things from all different backgrounds.
Intrigued how twitter, etc, can help us develop and aggregate communications, he’s not a developer, but is enjoying being with people at BarcampBrighton to hear how websites and technologies evolve and work together. He’s also interested in how the emergence of technology helps students’ work and develops cultural alliances – ‘the hustle and bustle’.

He’s likes maps – pseudo technical kind such as XKCD’s map of online communities – creates your own radio show and plugs in onto twitter, a couple of people pointed out how this application has been driving them mad as friends and contacts overuse it and it bombards their Twitter feed. – closed beta conversations – is an interesting community of experience and shared knowledge– users post video and people will reply – ie if someone posts that they’re going to Rome, then someone else will post their holiday photos or tips, etc.

Geekonbury – getting geeks out from behind their computers and out into the world – it is a bolt on to other festivals. This was very popular and resulted in lots of people watching online getting jealous of the geeks who were having fun outside and so started up Deskable and so played guitars at their desks and stuff live online. is his latest project.


An A – Z of game design – Cennydd Bowles

A is for Avatars – semiotic presentation of yourselves – how do we present ourselves (slide of FFantasy 11)

B is Bosses – testing what you’ve learnt so far and apply it to get on in a game (Monkey Island slide)

C is for Cheats – release for frustrations with a game – helps particularly with linear games – have negative connotation

D is for Difficulty level – you have to get this right – ie too easy people think its for kids and too difficult and people give up (motor sports slide)

E is for Environment – something that is now better because the technology is now good enough to do cool stuff – you still have to be careful though to get it right

F is for Flow – psychological state of productivity – being in the zone

G is for Grinding – a period of sustained flow for little outcome – getting on in levels in MMOs

H is for Hacks – can ruin a game

I is for Iterative deepening – piecing together stories, looking for clues or objects

J is for Jobs (kingdom of loathing slide) – eg bandit, accordion thief, etc – getting this right is difficult

K is for Killing people – violence in games (Doom slide) hack and slash

L is for Leader boards – combative, competitive spirit of gamers

M is for MMOs – (FF11 slide) unquitable, immersive, time investment

N is for Narrative – is more important for some genres than others (Fahrenheit slide)

O is for Optional elements
– getting all the stars or coins in a game, killing all the bosses – like sub-plots that a select few get and enjoy

P is for ePenis – showing off – getting a gold sniper rifle – ‘ego pride’ ‘e peens’ ‘EP’

Q is for Quirkiness – (Captain Blood slide) interesting designs, language, and strange quirks – games like Vib Ribbon

R is for Rewards – blatant Pavlovian stuff – Tekken has Japanese schoolgirl character (shown in slide)

S is for Speed runs – for example Super Mario speed run – displays of skill

T is for Tutorials – (Vib Ribbon slide) how to get around a game and are increasingly well crafted

U is for User generated stuff – making stuff that is fun to play with

V is for Virtual economies – strategies is games such as hoarding items for hard times to trade – free market capitalism (FF11 slide)

W is for Win

X is for Xylophone (Cennydd ran out of things to name, but I think this should be X-Men – a beat em-up game from the 80s! )

Y is for Yacht – (our speaker couldn’t think of something for games beginning with Y – but I’d submit ‘Yay’ for this!)

Z is for Zombies



  1. Hello RainyCatz bloggee =)

    I’ve just stumbled across your blog and noticed I’m on it with my ’30 minutes of the unknown’ barcamp presentation. This is just a quick note to say thankyou very much for blogging about the session, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I just have one thing to mention, and I understand that you type things as they happen so spelling mistakes are likely but one of the services you mention is actually spelt ‘Phreadz’ (with an a) –

    Thanks again for the mention.
    Hope to see you at the next BarCamp =)

    Positive thoughts and Paulo Coelho proverbs,

  2. Hi Carl

    Thanks for letting me know about the typo, it’s good to know these things as I’m always guessing how things are spelt! Will update it now 😀


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