BarcampLondon5, eBay, London – day two

After a bit of a hot-cold-tossy-turny night on the funny chair arrangement, I woke up at 8am to find half of my fellow crashers were already up and eating dead piggy butties. I found some muesli and soy milk. Most luxurious and very rare for a barcamp were the on-site showers, the eBay offices are very modern and plush, so it was nice to have a watering and feel less grobbley.

The first round of talks have started and I’m presently listening to Ian Forrester talking about Boxee and other home entertainment systems.


My next talk of choice, is with Christiano and Melinda, her write up is here. We’re sharing and playing with our gadgets. I’ve just watched a gaggle of geeks nearly decapitate each other with a tiny helichopper in a very small space and there’s a lot of peeking and poking with various laptops, such as OLPC, Acer and Eee PC. I’ve brought my DS and a load of games, as well as the Xacti video camera. Oh yes, there’s a lot of camera comparing and general poking too!


Cathy’s calligraphy workshop

Cathy gave us amazing Chinese caligraphy lesson. She told about her experiences when she was learning at 5-6 years old. Cathy tells us that when you first start to draw you have to train your muscles . You’re supposed to prctice without touching the paper. The 9 grid is what you use – you might think writing bigger paper is easier, but it isn’t. You still have to get the characters in proportion. Sit up, have a good posture and go slowly in time with your heart. The main challenge is how to stay calm and not wobble with people watching you!

Geek girl (and one boy) karaoke

I’m presently having the best karaoke fun, with the Lucky Voice beta player – it’s amazing and I’ve truly murdered some great songs but my companions are far too polite to say anything! Oh yes, it wasn’t supposed to be a strictly girl event, just that except for one fine chap, all the other guys refused to come and sing – scaredycats! 😉



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