LGF08 – DS:London World Record attempt, Rocket Club, Holloway

The London Games Festival is under way and on Saturday I rocked up at the Metropolitan University’s student union for an attempt at the World Record for the most DS players playing together for 5 minutes, organised by DS:London in conjunction with London Games Fringe. The atmosphere was great and I met up with lots of friends and the mood was high. The excitement and tension mounted as we got nearer the counting time.

Downstairs an all Girl Gamer tournament was well away with 26 competitors. Meanwhile where we were, small groups of touchers sat in large huddles playing all sorts of games including our one of our multiplayer favs: Mario Kart, there were also some awesome tourneys featuring Bomberman and Tetris.

When the time came for the official count, we all walked in single file, waving our DSs at the officials from The Guinness Book of Records and there was a countdown to the result projected onto a huge screen. The excitement was too much for me and I dropped my DS – yikes! Happily my DS survived, but it’ll teach me to try and play Mario Kart whilst videoing and taking photos – meep!

Unfortunately we missed the World Record this time, but achieved a British record – hurrah! Although disappointed, everyone managed to keep smiling, as we’d had a great time. With no time for wallowing, we all pilled downstairs into the student union bar and drowned our sorrows with a few nicely priced beers and got stuck into the games pub quiz – which was a hoot and thoroughly tested our gaming knowledge – it wasn’t easy!

Well done to Joe, Dave Green, Minh, Rich, Taynor, Barry, Harrison and everyone else who made it a great day!


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  1. Thanks for the kind words! Getting a world record was always going to be a tall order but the main thing we did was to try and get everyone involved and enjoying themselves! Of course this would not have been possible without a great team to support us.

    On a personal level, I got the sense of achievement when I had a few people come up to me and tell us how much they enjoyed themselves with a big “Thank You!!!!” 🙂

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