Elite: how it could have been the first (commodities / visual) MMORG – an arguement in my head!

This is a placeholder for a debate I’m having with myself about Elite, a game that appeared on the BBC Micro and Master. It was obviously the inspiration for MMOGs such as EVE (wish I’d asked Eyjólfur Guðmundsson about this when I interviewed him at EIF08), but perhaps Braben & Bell could have made it the first 3D / commodities MMOG…

I’ve been getting back into Elite on the BBC Master and looking at it again from perspectives influenced by my knowledge of contemporary MMORGs.

It’s an amazing and beautiful game as is, but what if…?

Update 1: Yep, MUDs were the first MMORGs, but contemporary MMORGs replace them on implication of larger scale – for example MUDs = 1 server / network , EVEonline (& other contemporary MMORGs) = many servers / networks

In the meantime, here’s some of my Elite pr0n 😀

Elite on BBC Master

Elite on Unix Amiga Emulator for Mac running on a Powerbook

Elite on NES