London Backstage Communities Network Bash

Thanks to everyone who came to the London Backstage Networking Bash last night / this morning. I had a lovely time although I didn’t actually get to spend much time with anyone. Not coz I didn’t want to but just because I was too busy – either unpacking/setting up stuff, fiddling with a walkie talkie, liaising with the venue staff, crawling under tables/hunting for obscure male /female jacks in bags or finding a t-shirt in one of the combination of sizes.

The party fun of an event planner is pretty lonely. It’s very sober (no alcohol for me all night) and not very social = not one I usually experience. I felt pretty guilty all night as I left half constructed conversations or hellos with good friends – being tapped on the shoulder & breaking off to answer a question, find something on another floor or reset the Skype. I was really torn and I had to leave my usual time for my friends at the door to cut off and just *do* things, as it were… I felt like I had wonky eyes all night – talking to friends, but having a roving eye on the peripheral… From the time I got there at 6pm I spent all night without a drink, lipstick check or time to go to the loo. Really!

Not to worry though because it wasn’t *my* party – it was a hello and thank you for all the lovely people who had are involved with the Backstage communities and had made the effort to cross London and the home counties, on a really shitty night of torrential rain for the east end of London. Everyone was lovely and no-one moaned about the weather, the distance or the fact that we didn’t have any booze sponsors this year.

I loved watching people interact over Skype to say hello to peeps at the Backstage do in Manchester. As there was music going on (thanks Dom) they found inventive ways to communicate such as games of hangman – reversing letters to construct hellos and questions such as ‘Where is Ian?’

A nicer bunch of people you couldn’t find. They’re all fabulous, clever, fun amazing people (and I say that most sincerely) I love you all and give you a big *hug* (okay now I feel emotional) – meep!

I want to say a *HUGE* thank you to Brendan Crowther, Dominic Travers Sarah Mines, Gareth Davies, and Ciaran Anscomb for being generous with their time to help get the kit there, DJ, set up, look after the door and our lovely guests!


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  1. Hey Rain!
    Thanks for the invite! The people from DS:London had a fun time last night. Food was great and venue was also very nicely laid out. I especially enjoyed the nice little technical touches! Hope to catch you at the one next year!

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