Adventures with ubuntu & mobile broadband on my Eee PC

I’ve been trying to get ubuntu on my Eee PC 1000 for a while now. My first attempt didn’t go too well – I tried to install it from a USB Flash stick, but strangely it wouldn’t boot or install from it – doh!

I’ve now borrowed a USB CD drive from one of my colleagues (thanks Ru), and in the first instance burnt ubuntu eee onto disc and installed it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite right: the wifi wasn’t working properly and then it just crashed. I then decided to investigate other versions and have ended up installing Intrepid Ibex (8.10) with some upgrades and a custom Linux kernel ( Intrepid one from to get the wireless working. I must say I prefer the Ibex interface to the ubuntu eee look.

The other thing that needed investigating was how to get my new Orange Mobile Broadband dongle (icon 225) working. I decided to splurge out for one of these as I travel a lot and it drives me bonkers when I can’t get wifi access at conferences and on public transport.

Anyways, as the dongle only comes with set up apps for Mac and Windoze I need to find something extra to get it to work on the Eee PC. Basically as the dongle modem acts like a disc by default it needed a little application to switch it into modem mode. After some googling and fiddling to get it to work, the app I’m using is called ozerocdoff and was downloaded from and works a treat – yay! Thanks to Cia for helping me 😀