Kernel Panic or a detour down Mac memory lane!

Feeling a bit sorry for myself today, as I was a bit unexpectedly sick last night (enough info) followed by a rotten aura migraine. Anyways, Salem, my dear old PowerBook G4 came out in sympathy with me earlier, with what appeared to be his own kernel panic…

A quick reboot seems to have cured Salem for now, though Apple’s support pages suggest I might have to reset the NVRAM and PRAM by holding down X on next start-up (hopefully not an OS install). I presume this is the equivalent to what used to be called in the bad old days of 90s PowerPCs ‘zap the PeeeeeRAM’ (sic) which was holding down Command + Alt +P+R at start up. Gosh thems were the days, I wonder who also remembers jolly times spent turning MAC OS extensions off and on until successfully finding the one that was conflicting with whatever you wanted to run? 😉

Anyways, I’m still feeling a bit grobbley, hope my kernel panic is past it’s worst and I don’t have to get anything zapped!