Google decides the whole interweb will harm your computer!

Wow, that was an exciting 20 mins on an otherwise quiet Saturday afternoon…

Google turned on the interwebs and flagged everything as malware with this label under every site link ‘this site may harm your computer’. Well of course an upshot of this was for Twitter to go ballistic as around the world people asked what was going on. I was having problems keeping up with the amount of comments and questions going through the various hashtag searches such as #googlemayharm.

So was it…
* Skynet escaped its cage?
* A malicious attack?
* An update gone wrong?
* Something else b0rked
* Google testing to see if we’re awake?

Anyways… I wonder how this affected business globally – if it had been on a weekday would it have had a bigger impact? Were Norad scrambled?

It was kinda exciting as it gave us conspiracy theorists a few minutes to fantasize about Machiavellian possibilities 😉

Well seems to be fixed and no word from Google yet, so move along now…