Maker Faire UK, Newcastle

On the way up our chatter about Twitter encouraged Alia to join the fun, but Cy wasn’t convinced. We met Andy, Tony and Ian here and have shifted some of the kit into the Maker Faire marquee and have plans for some exciting ‘makes’ – we’ve also brought some interesting demos, so if you’re in the area come and see us – we’re a mixture of BBC Backstage, R&D engineers and RAD teams. The fun for the public starts at 10am – come and say hello if you’re attending this exciting event 🙂

Two views of the team (alternating between Alia & I behind the camera) everyone’s a bit tired, tho I seem to be a bit hyper!

Saturday morning

Too early:
Good morning people! I’m stumbling about at 7.30am in my hotel room in Newcastle. We had a full-on day yesterday driving up in our Tweeple Carrier and were up till 2am sorting out last minute bits and bobs for today’s Maker Faire UK at the Life Centre in Newcastle.

07:30am -ish
Alia and Ant off to the Maker Faire marquee

10:00am -ish
Ian and I arrive, we’re scolded for being late – we were having an important Backstage meeting – honest!

I’m interviewing various people about their makes – will add some names/linkys for you later!

I grab James Boardwell to tell us about the Folksy and stand

Things are well and truly in full swing there’s a lot of people here poking, prodding and being very enthusiastic about how much fun you can have with electronics and craft. There’s a really good buzz around the BBC stand, kids are loving the tanks and having a lot of fun with the steady cam and other demos. Ian and Ant have gone to the other Maker Faire venue to do some talks about Backstage and ideas around a BBC Micro for the 21st Century. I am manning the stall and discussing our arduino tanks with curious visitors.

I am about to have my lunchbreak when I spot Nick Woolley and his amazing LED hat – I have seen his hat online and was in awe of it then, so go chasing after him. I get an interview in a dark place as it’s too bright in the tent – not sure about the cam handling dark spaces, so will see in logging the footage if it’s usable!

Go blinking into the sunshine to try to find a vegan sammich

I help Chris Vallance with his interviews by guarding the satellite link up and being mindful that no-one including myself stands in front of it. I’m outside and behind a security fence, so people wandering past make helpful offers to release me from my cage 😉

Final demos of the day and then it’s time to pack up.

Debrief in Ian’s room – Alia has had a can of RedBull and going through the shoot itinary for tomorrow, she’s the only one awake – everyone else is falling asleep.

We tell Alia we can’t take any more and we recieve very detailed SMS itineries for tomorrow – meet at 7:30am = argggh!


Day two

06:00am Up and getting ready

07:15am Breakfast meet-up

08:00am Get to the Maker Faire tent – I begin with the outside establishing shots

08:30am Get a few quick interviews with some of the other makers, as well as our gang

09:15am Oooh public are let in early and from then on I am interviewing people back to back all day, such as Sarah Angliss, the chap with the Twitter Bubblino and tons of others!

13:00pm I film Ian Forrester & Ant Miller’s talks on Backstage & BBC Micro for the 21st Century

14:00pm I film Ian Forrester talking about the future of Backstage

16:30pm Mad rush to get our robot finished before the end so we can present it

17:00pm After a couple of hiccups it’s working and we show the public

18:00pm Mad rush to pack away and get home!

11:45pm Back in London

03:00am Just about packed for MIX09

06:00am Up again and rushing to get the train to Heathrow for nearly 24 hours of travel!



  1. Hi Rainy

    Did you get to upload those rushes from Makerfaire UK?

    My camera broke and yours may be the only video of the Curiosity Killed the Cat and other curiosity proverbs as installed, some of them listed here, but few with high-quality video…

    I’d love to grab some of your video and embed in our site if poss.

    1. Hiya Cefn, yep I have some of the curiousity proverbs on video & photos amongst 55GB of footage – I haven’t got a vid of the cat tho soz! I’m in the US at the moment, can you wait a few weeks for them? 🙂

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