R&DTV – collaborative project between BBC Backstage (R&D) & RAD

Yay! Today we launched R&DTV, a pilot project that Backstage has been working on with colleagues in RAD (Rapid Application Development). I’ve been working on this as producer: filming, interviewing and generally running about pestering people, also on the team are: co-producer Hemmy Cho, and exec producers Ian Forrester and George Wright.

It’s a monthly tech programme and we’ve been interviewing some really interesting developers and media folk inside/outside the BBC, using off the shelf technology and then distributing it via a Creative Commons attribution non-commercial license. It comes in three forms: a five min version of the best bits, a 30 min version with in-depth conversation and an asset bundle if you’d like to remix the content, including the bits we didn’t use. We’ve got some great interviews in Episode 1 with the Digg guys, Nicholas Negroponte and from BBC R&D / Learning Innovation: Ant Miller, George Auckland and Graham Thomas. In May we’ll release Episode 2 in which we’ll be sharing a some more top interviews and if these go down well we might create even more! πŸ™‚

The project isn’t just about interesting interviews, it’s also about using off the shelf video kit, researching encoding and looking at ways to distribute video – we still at early doors and I’m sure as we progress on our journey it’s going to get very interesting.

You can download the interviews to enjoy in several formats: Flash, Quicktime and Ogg Theora – here’s some links:

Videos can also be viewed on YouTube and Blip.TV. You can find more on our FTP site and also take a mo to check out the cute read me page πŸ˜€

Hope you like it!

Here’s some of the places where you can find reportage, feedback & comments on R&DTV so far:
* The Guardian
* The Pirate Bay
* TorrentFreak
* Creative Commons
* Digg
* ubuntuuk

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