R&DTV Episode 2

About 2 hours ago we launched the second pilot for R&DTV, I’m really excited, not least because we learned so much from working on the episode 1 that episode 2 has definitely improved on a lot of areas. We’ve also got better graphics, as well as music, subtitles and we’ve sorted issues with the sound quality.

This episode features our expedition to the first UK Maker Faire in Newcastle which was tons of fun, David Kirby talking about BBC R&D Ingex project and interviews from Matt Biddulph CTO of Dopplr and Jason Calacanis CEO of Mahalo.com.

If you missed the first episode, R&DTV is a pilot show, designed to be sharable, remixable and redistributable. We’re releasing it and all the assets under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License, and it features interesting tech stories inside and outside the BBC. We’re also looking at how we distribute content in various encoding methods and formats.

The approach we’ve taken to creating it is somewhat different to certain traditional methods, ie it wasn’t shot in a studio and we didn’t use elaborate production methods – as we wanted to show that it’s possible to create interviews inexpensively and with off the shelf kit. I like the mix of of interview styles we’ve used in this episode and movement in the graphics and title music gives it some oomph!

In case you’re wondering what R&DTV is made up of:
1. A condensed 5 minute video, containing all the juicy bits
2. A longer 30 minute video, containing in-depth conversations
3. The Asset Bundle, containing everything we used and didn’t use to make the video edits, plus assets, music, scripts and metadata

You can find Episode 2 of R&DTV in various formats and info on this handy page.

R&DTV is a collaboration between BBC Backstage and RAD teams, who are: Producers myself and Hemmy Cho, as well as Exec Producers: Ian Forrester, George Wright and Adrian Woolard.

I’m really looking forward to reading/hearing what people think of this episode as well as seeing what people have remixed with the rushes and assets 😀