OSSAT – Open Source Show And Tell

Last week I gave a talk on ‘10 Open Source / Homebrew play things for handhelds in 10 minutes’ at OSSAT, a periodic event run by Osmosoft and TheTeam on their offices near London Bridge, so I thought I’d stick a link up to my slides as if you have a DS or GP2x / GP32 you might like to have a play with some of the games / play things I’ve included.

Michael Mahemoff has done a rather nice write up of all the talks on his blog.

Here’s a full list of comrades who gave talks:

* Iain Farrell, Canonical – Ubuntu Update
* Julien Fourgeaud, Symbian – Managing the Symbian community
* Jeremy Ruston, Osmosoft – HTML5 and the slow death of Flash
* Leisa Reichelt, Disambiguity.com – Drupal 7 Update
* Phil Hawksworth, The Team – Playing with each others toys: Developing with open technologies
* Robbie Clutton, BT – iPhone development using web technologies

As a bonus, Andrew Back brought along his rather cool ‘No Numbers’ piece that was recently exhitbited at the Horse Hospital

My notes were not as nicely formed as PSD’s below:

A very informative and jolly good night all round – I recommend going to the next one!