New Year Resolutions for 2010

Okay, so here’s my resolutions…
[last years here]

1. The gym thing – 2009 was a poor year for getting to the gym (and healthy living generally), and consequently I’m feeling rather bleugh for it. So I’m going to try to make time to get to the gym more often, hopefully helped by leaving work at a reasonable hour. Really, if I got up an hour earlier I could get a session done & dusted in the morning, which brings me to…

2. Go to bed an hour earlier! Totally need to try to accomplish this as I currently have 3 alarms in the morning and still sleep through them and feel generally rubbish. I’m even contemplating using my watch alarm as a forth :-0

3. Video and effects – I really want to keep up my enthusiasm for producing video, brush up on my non-linear editing skills and also look at After Effects again (which I haven’t really done since Uni). I’m really excited by 3D holographic film production and have some neat ideas for a project I’d like to work on.

4. Painting & drawing – must get my smock on and get painting and drawing again it’s been too long – period!

5. Study reading – I’m going to persevere with reading more tech books, even though I’m rubbish at sitting still for very long!

6. Hacking – both code and hardware. I have some bonkers ideas so need to learn more stuff to bring them to fruition! For example I want to learn more about PCB design and microprocessors for ideas that I kicked off in 2009.

7. Installation work – Following on from hacking, I want to make more interactive work bringing together several loves such as art, coding and electronics. I have a dream of creating an interactive zoetrope using the 529,750 LEDs at the top of my beloved Ghost Office Tower, but I need to write a proper proposal for it.

8. Data visualization – I have been doing a bit of investigation into interesting ways of doing this for educational ideas, but haven’t had any proper time to fish through the many options out there and produce anything yet.

9. Writing – I want to get more of my ideas out there in 2010 and writing helps me focus and refine them. I also go to lots of exciting, interesting and fun events and tech that I should document ☺

10. De-clutter & organise – being a bit of a hectic bunny means I don’t tidy up after myself properly, I need to go through the piles of papers, geek t-shirts, gadgets and ridiculous frippery I have pilling up and sort it out. I could also do with applying some virtual gumption to my various in-boxes and media collections.

11. Life / work balance – I haven’t done myself any favours by not paying attention to this. My general health and personal projects have not done well out of me working late, not taking leave or being tired out – e.g. not making the gym, relaxing or doing something constructive of an evening. So I must be more proactive to take care of this.

12. Figure out how I can afford to pay to study for a PhD and apply! – I’ve been messing around for too long and not sorting this out; I need to speak to the right people about making this a reality.

13. Have a holiday – lawks yes, have a holiday somewhere or visit neglected friends who will put me up/put up with me!

*Phew* – so some are more attainable than others and overall prolly a tad too much to handle with a full time job, but I love a challenge and if you catch me dawdling, feel free to kick me up the bum 😉