Kinetica Art Fair 2010, P3, London

Kinetica Art Fair comes to London once a year for four days and is one of the most eagerly awaited shows for me and a lot of my friends as it combines two things I am most passionate about – art and technology. I started getting excited weeks ago and was not disappointed it was a fantastic feast for the art lover and/or geek. I went twice and I still wanted to go again!

Many of the artworks on show were interactive and a lot of fun, for example P.E.A.L by Lewis Sykes and Nick Rothwell was a fabulous installation that allowed the audience to ‘ring’ the bells of 5 leads churches in a round like a bell tower or ‘campanile’!

Another favourite interactive work was The Hydro-Acoustic Big Bang Filter by Interactive Agents which allows the user to experience and play with the sound of the big bang via sonic transducers that ‘excite the columns with the big bang audio signal’.

Some of the work was more subtle and delicately waited to be investigated such as Kathy Taylor’s Tease ll teapot and Andrew Back’s beautiful nixie tubes that are part of ‘No Numbers’ – which slowly reveals the numbers that make up John Foxx’s song ‘Mr No’.

Some works were eerie, especially Sarah Angliss’ ‘Ealing Feeder’ that combines bells, a doll and a very weird 30s poem! I also loved the spooky ethereal performance of The Robot Theremin Ensemble by Ray Lee, that was a feat of engineering in itself, let alone the sounds it emitted.

Apart from the artworks there were talks, performances and shows, the Musion Academy show on the opening night was so crowded I couldn’t get anywhere near!

All in all, there were too many fantastic installations and works to mention here now, so I recommend that you look at the website for more details.



  1. Brilliant blog and video Rain! Particularly liked the Robot Theremin Ensemble – I must make a point of going there myself next year.


  2. Great fair and excellent venue … by the way for satellite alternatives to Frieze the ‘Sunday’ art fair is using the same Ambika P3 for it’s show…. (full lits of Frieze alternatives on myblog). Re cats – I assume you have read ‘Why Cats Paint’ – brilliant! (find it on Amazon!)

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