Yay Woo & Hoopla for GameCamp 2010!

I can’t believe it’s been two years since the first GameCamp, an event chocka with amazing talks and fun. It was also a place where I met a fab bunch of people, many whom I now count as friends & colleagues.

Skip to 2010 and again it seems like the right time to have some more gaming fun, so *drum_roll* I’m delighted to pimp a fabulous day of whatever floats your boat in the way of gaming and play…

On Saturday, 12th May we’ll be spending the day indulging, discussing, deconstructing and celebrating our love of games at Whittaker House, Richmond, the lush offices of eBay / PayPal / Gumtree – massive thanks & props to Dees and Steve for sorting this out for us!

So what is GameCamp?

GameCamp is a one-day unconference. If you haven’t been to an unconference before, it ‘s an unstructured event where the attendees fill in the schedule on the day – basically rock up and bring something to the mix. In terms of GameCamp, this could be for example: a talk on game design, a demo of something wonderful you’ve made or played, a passionate discussion on an aspect of gaming that interests you or something more esoteric around the act of play – it’s totally up to you!

So there’s no list of speakers, it’s up to you to come prepared (or just a bit prepped with an idea if you can waffle on your subject) and ready to add your name to the board. There are several streams running concurrently, usually about 7 or 8 of about 25 mins each and if you’re not talking or leading a discussion, you can take your pick of what you fancy attending. There are small and large talk areas to suit various approaches and interests.

We’re going to give away 150 tickets (yes they’re free!) in a couple of tranches, so if you miss the first one due to being on a train, picking up your cats from the airport or stuck in a meeting, you’ll get another chance, but bear in mind they go on a first come first serve basis so keep an eye on the time as we anticipate they will go quickly!

*[see update below] The first tranche is up for grabs on our Eventbrite registration page on Friday 12th March at high noon. Don’t forget if you miss this first set of tickets, we’ll be announcing the next tranche soon so make sure you check the GameCamp blog, @GameCamp on Twitter or Facebook event page (please note, adding yourself to this page doesn’t guarantee tickets, they are only available via the Eventbrite registration page).

We’ve got some very cool sponsors, but we’re still looking for a couple more, so if you’re interested in sponsoring lunch, some after event beers or tourney prizes, do get in touch with me or one of my fabulous co-conspirators: Philip Trippenbach, Rachel Clarke, Katy Lindemann, Mark Simpkins and James Wallis.

Happy gaming!

*UPDATE: Yikes, something went wrong with our booking system on Eventbrite – sadly all our ‘birds’ flew at once and the tickets were all snapped up by eager gamers within half an hour, so I’m extremely sorry if you missed them :’-(
All may not be lost though, as we hope anyone who can’t make it will let us know and we will redeploy the tickets – we have a waiting list here