Maker Faire 2010, Newcastle

It’s Wednesday and I’m just reflecting on a fantastic weekend at Maker Faire, part of Newcastle’s ScienceFest. Since the inaugural UK Maker Faire, last March, I’ve been raving about what a good time I had and have been looking forward to the next one. In case you haven’t heard of this event before, it was started in the US by O’Reilly the tech book publishers and is an event mixing technology, science, craft, art, music and anything else in the pursuit of fun through learning. It’s a fab event and attracts families, hobbyists, scientists and geeks, plus lots of interested folk who are drawn by the hullabaloo!

As I don’t think words could describe the event adequately, I’ve made a video of some of the Makers and sights of the show!

This year, for starters I’ve seen musical tesla coils, scientific experiments, a LED cocktail table, a robot that solves Rubix cubes and hexapods – plus I’ve seen tons of making in workshops where anyone could dive in and get their hands dirty; soldering, coding, knitting, icing and all manner of hands on geeking 🙂 I had the most wonderful time catching up with friends as well as playing with and hearing about their amazing projects at the show.

I also went to a very inspiring talk by Mitch Altman, one of the founders of the Noisegate Hackspace in San Francisco. He explained to an attentive audience what happens at a hackspace and some of the ethics behind it, including the open to all policy and the Maker’s Bill Of Rights ‘if you can’t open it you don’t own it’. I came home clutching a key to Noisebridge to remind me of their motto ‘be excellent to each other’ and to arrange a visit to the hackers of SF 🙂

My partner in crime for the weekend, Jamillah Knowles, has a lovely Radio 5 Pods and Blogs piece on the event (don’t forget to listen to the fab podcast) and my colleagues in BBC R&D went along too.



  1. Thanks again for the lovely video – I googled Mitch afterwards and was very impressed with his work. Did you really get a keyring ‘be excellent to each other’? How fab, I want one!!

  2. @Spike – thanks, it was good to see you there!

    @Michelle – hee, I got a key to Noisebridge Hackspace in SF which is on my keyring reminding me to ‘be excellent to each other’. Perhaps we should get a batch of keyrings with that motto on though 😀

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