Upcoming: Smart Fabrics 2011, London

I’m always on the lookout for interesting events that’ll help me develop my work and next week I’ll be going to the 7th annual Smart Fabrics conference in London on 4-6th April. I’m pretty excited about this as I’m hoping to see lots of innovation in fabric tech and inspiration for my future wearable electronics and artworks. What would be particuarly useful is some info on advancements in the durability of conductive threads, fabric and printed circuitry, plus I’ll be looking out for the latest news on sensors and lighting for wearables.

Electroluminescent me

Can’t wait to see some new creative applications and how e-textiles are being used in areas I haven’t really looked into yet such as medical and space tech and I’m hoping to be wowed by new tech in R&D and smart fabrics I’ll see in the future.

I’ll blog as much as I can and a try to find a Twitter stream for the event!

Conductive velcro has arrived!