Visualising Physiological Data in Wearable Technology – Quantified Self Europe 2013, Amsterdam

I’ve just got back from a fabulous and thought provoking time at Quantified Self Europe 2013 conference in Amsterdam. It was great to return for the second QS conference (I blogged the first one here) and also to have the opportunity to speak again about wearable technology. This time, as well as a short intro to wearable tech, I spoke about some of my own projects that visualise data from sensors worn around the body, such as my Heart Spark proximity / heart rate hack, temperature sensing t-shirt, barometric skirt and EEG pendant (which I need to blog). I took tons of notes and photos whist at QSEU13, but for now I’m going to just leave my slides here as I’m about to go to uni for end of year progress review (yikes!).

Moi presenting 'Visualising Physiological Data' (on my wearable tech projects)