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Serious Virtual Worlds, Coventry

Having a quick coffee before Serious Virtual Worlds – can’t wait for the uncanny valley (sorry ;-)) to begin!

I’m actually really looking forward to a day of hearing about what’s new and hot from some of the leading lights in Virtual World technology. Here’s my notes from the speakers, there was tons to take in, so I’ll add more as I digest it all…

The conference has a theme of interoperability between virtual worlds.

Presently there are no standards for virtual worlds for interaction, for example you can’t take your Second Life avatar to visit a mate in Twinity or in an MMOG, although it must be said that you probably don’t want to take your Second Life avatar into World of Warcraft as they’d be anhialated pretty quickly 😉 There’s also a mix of open source and proprietary software which causes the usual problems and discussion about free apps vs. subscription apps/worlds, funding, etc.

*warning* – I got a bit carried away with my notes, consequently this is a very long post, so click on the ‘keep reading’ link if you’re not rushing off anywhere!

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